Release 15 is live!

On the Deposit side, we are proud to introduce Internal Transaction Monitoring as an add-on feature part of our “AML/KYC/Risk package”. Transactions can now be monitored and compared between a customer’s stated behavior and their actual behavior. In case of discrepancies, there will be tasks generated for review. The monitoring is based on configurable metrics with additional flexibility for adjusting discrepancy sensitivity. Monitoring results are also stored in a separate monitoring history log on the customer profile for convenient review.

We have also improved the deposit withdrawal job with a new configuration that enables withdrawals created up until the job is run, to be included in the disbursement file. Compared to the previous logic, where the file only includes withdrawals created up until the day before the job was executed, the new logic can enable faster withdrawals and in some cases, even same-day withdrawals.

On the Loan side, we have added support for Termination Letter, which enables a termination letter to be automatically generated and distributed if certain configurable criteria are met in relation to customers not paying their invoices. In addition, we have also added support for Generic Document Generation for applications based on configurable templates. This enables any type of document to be generated on the application, as long as there is a document template created for it. In future releases, we will deliver the generic document generation feature for other entities as well.


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