Release 27 is live

What’s new?

Vilja Deposit Highlights

We’ve broadened the scope of our automated secure messages to cover new scenarios such as opening of first-time floating accounts and activation of fixed-term accounts. Enhanced prohibiting functionality so that the customer report now includes information about block reasons, as well as prevented inherited blocks under specific conditions. Additionally, we’ve introduced more flexible options for data anonymization, ensuring comprehensive protection and privacy for customer information.

Vilja Loans Highlights

Now, you can effortlessly reverse unpaid invoices, leverage webhooks for revolving applications and accounts in external system integrations and benefit from enhanced dynamic fields that support formula-based calculations. We’ve also refined our VAT functionality to improve user experience and introduced asset anonymization for increased data privacy. New and updated account APIs with more information available have been introduced and older versions deprecated to ensure better maintainability. Our data warehouse has been enriched with more information in relation to reference rates and invoices and last but not least we’ve boosted certain areas of the platform with enhanced performance capabilities to handle larger data volumes more efficiently.

For the full scope of new features added, you can read in the Vilja Developer Portal.


Deposit Accounts

Vilja Deposit – Power and control your cash inflow

• Superior customer experience: Modern “My Pages” built for self-service and automation
• User friendly and extensive back-office: Designed for easy product management, smooth servicing and rich compliance functionality
• Complete end-to-end solution with modular approach: Cover the full customer life cycle, KYC & servicing, both at onboarding and recurring