Our Cloud-Native

Core Banking Platform

We offer a cloud-native core banking platform that, in one system, covers the entire lifecycle of lending and savings operations. The platform is made of prepackaged building blocks, that can be put together to create the banking experience you want. The real benefits here are the speed of implementation and the possibility to customize the solution to your needs. We can launch a new bank within a couple of months, and add new products within weeks.
Our strategy of keeping all customers on a standardized platform allows us to innovate quickly without compromising uptime – and you are always on the latest release and can focus on building what you want quickly and reliably.
KYC / Onboarding Origination / Scoring Servicing / CRM Security Consumable APIs Compliance Automation PSD2 Analytics Scalability Mortgages Revolving Credits BNPL Leasing Loans Current Accounts Deposit Accounts Deposit Engine Revolving Engine Loan Engine

Our Core Banking Solutions

Our cloud-native core banking platform offers a wide range of prepackaged solutions enabling you to smoothly create new innovative banking services to keep up with the ever-changing demands. Thanks to our modular design you can choose if you want to cover the full customer lifecycle from Onboarding & KYC, Origination & Scoring to CRM & Servicing or start with one module and expand from there. The choice is yours!

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As we’re committed to continually challenging conventions, evolving our solutions, and developing the best software in the industry – this what it looks like right now. Anything you’re missing? Let us know – it might be in the next release.

Deposit Accounts

Power and control your cash inflow with superior customer experience and user-friendly back office. Complete end-to-end solution or modular approach.
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Current Accounts

Everyday banking with exceptional customer service powered by extensive self-service capabilities and Open Banking functionalities.
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Boost your profits by automation and customization and enabling both secured and unsecured loans with flexible payment schemes.
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Empower your business with flexible leasing solutions tailored for growth by seamless integrations and customizable customer journeys.
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Simplify your real estate financing journey with our automated mortgage servicing module and highly customizable loan origination process.
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Revolving Credits

Flexible financing by easily customizable loan engine with a high degree of customer self-service and flexible repayment schemes.
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Enhance your retail operations with a solution that offers a seamless end-to-end service and simplifies complex logistics-related financial tasks.
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Key benefits

Modular or end-to-end solution

A modular design that covers the end-to-end process for lending and savings operations from onboarding, origination, servicing, work queues, CRM to e-archive

Designed for Growth

With our building blocks and pay-per-usage model you can start small, grow with the platform and easily add new solutions

Fastest time-to-market

Market-ready solutions to configure without the need of costly and lengthy implementations projects

Cloud Native

Kubernetes-based services continuously updated. Fit both newly started fintechs and large banks

Security & Compliance

Built-in security and strong focus on support for compliance, such as GDPR, AML, PEP and more. ISO27001:2023 certified.

Efficiency & Experience

An automated solution with a high degree of self-service lowers TCO and creates a unique digital experience to the end-customer

Key Features

API-first Design

Open REST APIs for flexible integration to enable building unique digital customer journeys

Process Automation

Supports complex processes using BPML, table-driven decision matrixes and dynamic data definitions

Integrated Payments

Internationalized platform with integrated payment gateway and configurable payment channels

Integrated Messaging

Integrated messaging - Secure Messages, SMS and Email for improved customer communications in real-time

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Microservice-based architecture designed for scalability and resilience

Security by Design

Security by design with blockchain-based audit logs, duality and full traceability

Analytics & Reporting

Enhanced business intelligence, leveraging an integrated data mart with full SQL access allowing reports and visualizations

All-Digital Documents

Fully digital servicing with template-based document generation, digital signatures and e-archive – stored in one place

Our Ecosystem

To keep our promise of delivering the best core banking platform, we need to work with the best partners in the industry. With consumable API’s, our platform is built for collaboration and easy integrations.

We are committed to investing in, and growing, our partner ecosystem. All to offer you unbeaten expertise and advice. So that you can focus on creating innovative and value-adding solutions to your customers.

Below is a selection of our current partner landscape with ready integrations for smooth ramp-up and low establishment costs. Our partner family is growing every day. If you’re interested in joining our community, please give us a ping.

Our multi-cloud approach

Vilja Platform is cloud-agnostic and allows you to choose between hosting your operations in a global public cloud like Microsoft Azure or in a local public cloud like our Swedish provider Elastx. It depends on your preferences and requirements.

Independently of which cloud you choose, we guarantee security, reliability, and scalability. We cater to your specific business, technical, and regulatory needs within the same geographic region without compromising availability or service levels.

As we only use the latest proven technology, our solutions run on Kubernetes and are built for high availability and are designed to always be accessible. Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized services. Read more on how we ensure you stay secure and compliant.

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Ready to take the next step in learning how to build a bank for the future? We understand you might have a few questions and would love to answer them for you. You have our 100% commitment.

Deposit Accounts

Vilja Deposit – Power and control your cash inflow

• Superior customer experience: Modern “My Pages” built for self-service and automation
• User friendly and extensive back-office: Designed for easy product management, smooth servicing and rich compliance functionality
• Complete end-to-end solution with modular approach: Cover the full customer life cycle, KYC & servicing, both at onboarding and recurring

Current Accounts

Vilja Current Accounts - Everyday banking with exceptional service

• Self-service payments: register bill payments and transfers and have them executed on the payment rails of your choice
• Timely and accurate: Scheduled as well as ad-hoc payments, with support for basket signing
• Open Banking: TPP-enabled and supported by complete APIs and webhooks, protected by Strong Customer Authentication


Vilja Loans – Increase profits by automation and customization

• Superior experience: Personalized loans crafted to match both lenders and end-customers’ needs. Support for large volume customer loans to complicated SME loans with complex repayment schemas.
• Secured lending: Reduce risk by utilizing the built-in collateral service to define different collaterals and link them to the various types loans
• Efficiency and speed: High degree of automation and self-service enable lenders to scale their business with less staff. And streamlined application process for faster approvals.
• Launch products: Utilized our feature rich lending engine to quickly react to market changes and deploy new products


Vilja Leasing - Empower your business with flexible leasing solutions

• Tailored for growth: Customizable leasing product to fit your business needs.
• Seamless integrations: Integrate with third-party data providers or internal systems for smooth operations automation.
• Customize journeys: Custom-built workflows allow for smooth journeys for both system administrator and end-customer.


Vilja Mortgages - Streamlining your real estate financing journey

• Tailored to your unique needs: Our service offer a highly customizable journey through the loan origination process, equipped with cutting-edge digital documentation support and a flexible collateral model.
• Elevate your mortgage servicing: High degree of automated processes like invoicing and payment allocation as well as self-service APIs enables you to concentrate on what truly matters in your business.
• Expertise in managing complex loans: This forms the foundation of our flexible, yet robust, mortgage platform.

Revolving Credits

Vilja Revolving Credits – Flexible financing when needed

• Flexible credits: Allow customers to withdrawal money according to their needs
• Campaign support: Enable campaigns to create flexible repayments schemes or increased lending
• Set limits: Allow customer to define spending limits for responsible lending and increased customer control
• Highly customizable: define your own templates, fields, notification and workflows to create tailored customer journeys with high degree of customer self-service


Vilja BNPL - Elevate your retail operations

• Seamless end-to-end service: Streamlines the entire process from application to collection, enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency.
• Stimulate new sales: Quickly launch and manage multiple products with time-limited offers, ensuring your retail strategies stay dynamic and responsive.
• Simplifies complex logistics-related financial tasks: Sophisticated merchant management system including handling returns, delayed shipping and daily partner reconciliation.