Our Cloud Core Banking Platform

We offer a cloud-native platform that’s stable, flexible, and feature-rich. It provides both financial and CRM components with the right balance between power and customization. So you can focus on building what you want quickly and reliably.

Our strategy of keeping all customers on a standardized platform allows us to innovate quickly without compromising uptime – especially when compared to the rest.

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Vilja Platform

With your customers in the centre, our cloud-native core banking platform offers a wide range of solutions enabling you to smoothly create new innovative banking services to keep up with their ever changing demands. Click on the wheel to understand more how we can help you build your bank of the future.

  • Consumer Loans – Unsecured lending and support for loan broker bidding
  • SME Loans – Offering both secured and unsecured loans
  • Line of Credit – Revolving credit accounts with multiple withdrawls
  • Retail Financing – New ways to finance products, services, online or in-store purchasing
  • Mortgage Loans – Financing for real estate and property
  • Deposit Accounts – Term and overnight accounts, highly configurable and built for self-service

As we’re committed to continually challenging conventions, evolving our solutions, and developing the best software in the industry – this what it looks like right now. Anything you’re missing? Let us know – it might be in the next release.

We make it easy for you to define flexible consumer loan propositions and to ensure a smooth customer onboarding experience. Loan applications are processed automatically, so you can focus on cases that merit personal consideration. We also automate the bidding process for any integrated loan brokers.
Upon agreement, your customer digitally signs the promissory note and any additional documentation. All customer documentation is stored in our e-archive for easy retrieval and disbursement is performed through integrated payment channels automatically.
We also offer flexible invoicing with templated statements, automated payment booking, and a friendly reminder cycle. All to ensure customer payments are received with a minimum of manual involvement or fuss.

Our intelligent system makes it easy for you to propose business loans, with or without collateral.
Loan applications can be either processed in the origination workflow, or by pre-approved in existing systems. We allow high-volume, short turn-around time scenarios – while still maintaining high KYC standards. All thanks to our highly automated business customer onboarding process. We can also cater for more complex setups that require manual evaluation.
Flexible invoicing with template-based statements, automated payment booking, and reminder cycle ensures customer payments, with a minimum of manual involvement.

Our Line-of-Credit product allows you to offer customers a more flexible financing option, with possibility to choose repayment schedule both on a per-payout and per-account basis, seamlessly merging fixed schedules and minimum-amount repayments into a single account statement.

APIs allow you to offer cash when and where it is needed, integrated with your partner’s products or through your own channels.

Behavior-based rules ensure your best customers feel appreciated and are given the flexibility they deserve.

Powering the new wave of subscription-based consumer products as well as allows you to offer a virtual credit card, either as closed or open loop credit.

Handles complex logistics-related charging, including returns and delayed shipping.

Automates the partner reconciliation process with net commission disbursements.

Flexible origination processing of complex loans, based on a solid understanding of the challenges inherent in real estate financing and property-based collateral.

Mortgage servicing available through open APIs, allowing you to tailor your customer journey to your target audience.

Problem-free invoicing with direct debit and individually customized payment plans.

• Designed for self-service

• Easily configurable product definitions

• Carefree, compliant solutions

From term deposits to overnight accounts – and everything in between – our platform lets you offer unbeatable products to customers. It includes flexible interest definitions and loyalty features such as re-investment schemes, and step-up coupons.

Pre-integrated and dynamic onboarding automatically collects KYC information, validates new customers, and screens for fraud or compliance issues. Automated payment booking and system-generated messaging lets you control your deposit business by merely adjusting your product definitions to suit your capital needs.

Key Benefits

Beat Competition: market-ready solutions to configure without need for development
Streamlined Operations: user-centric design supported by experts with excellent domain knowledge
Low Start-Up Investment: we use a ``pay-as-you-grow`` operational model both for new products and markets
Serve Your Customers: with consistent support and features through every channel
Modular Design: build solutions using only the components you need
Scale Dynamically: our Kubernetes-based services are quick to deploy and infrastructure-agnostic

Key Features

Security designed into the platform – duality, signed logs and role-based access controls
Supports complex origination processes using standards-based BPML definitions, a visual modeler, support for table-driven decision matrixes, and more
Designed for automation and self-service with microservices and cloud-native componentized architecture
Includes a dynamic, customizable, single-page, and responsive Online Bank UI
Integrated messaging – SMS, email, secure messages with support for push messaging through webhooks
Integrated snowflake data mart with full SQL access allowing reports and visualizations with any tool, or load data into an existing data warehouse
Integrated template-based document generation, digital signatures and e-archive
Open REST API layer with flexible integration capabilities

Our Ecosystem

To keep our promise of delivering the best core banking platform, we need to work with the best partners in the industry. With consumable API’s, our platform is built for collaboration and easy integrations.

We are committed to investing in, and growing, our partner ecosystem. All to offer you unbeaten expertise and advice. So that you can focus on creating innovative and value-adding solutions to your customers.

Below is a selection of our current partner landscape with ready integrations for smooth ramp-up and low establishment costs. Our partner family is growing every day. If you’re interested in joining our community, please give us a ping.

We only use latest proven technologies

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized services. Our solutions that run on Kubernetes are built for high availability and are designed to always be accessible.

Kubernetes on Elastx provides a cluster with redundant infrastructure spanning across three data centres (availability zones) in Sweden, with 100Gbps network. All data centres are state of the art with redundant power, cooling and uplinks. The uninterruptible power supply keeps the data centres running no matter how long a power outage is.

The data centres are 20km’s apart making them disaster protected from each other. Even if the cluster is built with high availability our solutions can, without any disturbances, loose connection to one data centre/availability zone. Read more on how we ensure you stay secure and compliant.

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