We are Vilja

We are a leading cloud-based core banking platform. And our banking platform is lots of things. Intuitive. Compliant. Standardized. Automated. Innovative. And Cloud-native.

It’s all designed to keep you ahead of your competitors. By giving your bank better building blocks to work with.

What bank will you build?  Let’s do it together.

Our Story

It all started back in 2007. Five seasoned IT and banking experts thought there was a better and more cost-efficient loan and deposit system waiting to happen. So we started working. We’d eventually built a new banking system from scratch, free of legacy baggage. And we realized that we’d made something unique to the market.

We worked hard. We innovated. We grew. And in Spring 2020 we had the vilja to become Vilja – a Swedish word that means ‘the will’, and is pronounced “vil-yah”.

Our new name better reflects our present and future – the will to be the best cloud-based core banking platform on the planet.

We’re also proudly Swedish. From IKEA to Spotify, Sweden has always been a country that takes great ideas to the world. But most of all, we have ‘the will’ to do everything to make our customers successful. That’s our story, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Our Vision

Our vision is singular.

“Help our customers build the bank they want to be
by providing the best core banking technologies.”

The banking industry is ever-changing and to meet your customers´ demands you need a platform that is future proof. That can continue to grow with you – not to keep up, but to get and stay ahead of your competition.

Our Values

When it comes to your success, we know that our values are just as important as our software. That’s because our values motivate everything we do – from our code, to our cloud infrastructure, and our commitment to customer relationships. And all of our values are about helping you be as successful as possible.

We are innovative

To keep you ahead of the pack, we are committed to continually challenging conventions, evolving systems, and developing the best software in the industry.

We are committed

We combine a culture of listening, understanding, and acting, with a passion for the work we do – and a commitment to your success.

We are trustworthy

Acting with responsibility, honesty and accountability is a core part of our DNA. We keep our word; and we do it in a positive, thoughtful, and friendly way.

Our Team

Fredrik Ulvenholm


Robert Pettersson


Madeleine af Ugglas


Anders Mårtensson

VP Sales

Mats Nordgren

VP Products

Erik Nyfelt

VP Tech Operations

Martin Sjödin

VP Engineering

Christian Brand

VP Solution Delivery

Thorbjörn Jansson

VP SaaS Delivery

Board of Directors

Greger Fellin

Bengt Nilsson

Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen

Matthew Doerner

Leif Lindqvist

Lars Johansson

Contact us

Ready to take the next step in learning how to build a bank for the future? We understand you might have a few questions and would love to answer them for you. You have our 100% commitment.