Service & Support

Our approach is simple. We only leave when you’re happy. It’s a commitment approach that’s won our client’s trust, hearts, and ongoing business.

Service & Support

When you choose us, you’re choosing to apply more than a decade of experience and expertise, to build smart solutions that fit your business needs.

By choosing a ready-built cloud solution in the private cloud, you choose to make your life easier because you’ll always be running the latest core banking release where we handle all system monitoring. We also believe that it should be easy to start and to scale, that’s why we apply a pay-as-you grow model.

Our ready-to-deploy solutions include rich functionalities that are flexible for your workflows, so for most customers it is just to plug in. And due to our open APIs it’s easy to integrate to any external systems you may have. If you have any other unique needs, no problem, we solve them as well

To ensure a fast and secure passage, we have developed Vilja Migration tool. It comes with speed, reduced risk and a lot less anxiety. In addition, you’ll have access to experienced experts during the implementation phase to ensure a successful implementation. We share best practices in the design phase, prototyping, testing and development of efficient and intuitive user interfaces.

To make sure you continue to stay happy we offer you first-line support with a dedicated expert and 24/7 support availability. As our solutions run on Kubernetes, they are built for high availability and are designed always to be accessible.

Our mission is clear. To help you build the bank of the future by providing the best core banking technology on the market. To meet your customers’ demands, you need a platform that is future-proof and can continue to grow with you.

Key Features


Highly experienced team – more than a decade of experience


First-line support with 24/7 support availability. You have our 100% commitment.


Dedicated project manager – to hold your hand and ensure the project is delivered successfully


Kubernetes based solutions for high availability and accessibility

Contact us

Ready to take the next step in learning how to build a bank for the future? We understand you might have a few questions and would love to answer them for you. You have our 100% commitment.

Deposit Accounts

Vilja Deposit – Power and control your cash inflow

• Superior customer experience: Modern “My Pages” built for self-service and automation
• User friendly and extensive back-office: Designed for easy product management, smooth servicing and rich compliance functionality
• Complete end-to-end solution with modular approach: Cover the full customer life cycle, KYC & servicing, both at onboarding and recurring