Release 26 is live

Vilja Deposit Highlights

During this release on the deposit side, we focused on enhancing security, user experience, and operational efficiency. We’ve enabled Customer Service Representatives to verify end-customer identities more thoroughly with advanced authentication data. New functionality also allows for detailed configuration related to delayed withdrawals and transfers between account types. 
We’ve resolved issues related to UI glitches triggered by session timeouts, improving the overall user experience. The process for handling high-risk customers during onboarding has been refined, ensuring more accurate decision-making. Additionally, Configuration Managers can now fine-tune the scope of sanctions screening by selecting specific customer account statuses. 

Vilja Loans Highlights

In our latest release for Loans, we’ve introduced several enhancements and new features aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy and user experience. Updates include a temporary adjustment to authentication options, an expansion in the broker API to include periodic cost data and additional fields in our application API to support richer data insights. 

We’ve made improvements to VAT functionality and updated the formula for calculating effective interest rates to improve calculations for specific scenarios. 


Deposit Accounts

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• Superior customer experience: Modern “My Pages” built for self-service and automation
• User friendly and extensive back-office: Designed for easy product management, smooth servicing and rich compliance functionality
• Complete end-to-end solution with modular approach: Cover the full customer life cycle, KYC & servicing, both at onboarding and recurring