Release 23 is live

Vilja Deposit Highlights

In release 23, there has been a focus on making the system ready for international expansion and greater volumes. Expanding the functionality of the KYC questionnaire, creating more options for better knowledge about your customers. Improving the options on how to give more value back to your customers by allowing them to withdraw their capitalized interest without a fee. Extending the various types of representatives in the system. Added a feature to decrypt and encrypt files for the Police Authority related to their enquiries.

Vilja Loan Highlights

During the sprints of release 23 the focus on the loan side has been on improving and maintaining existing functionality, some new features have also been added such as generic document templates for SME customers and Loan account making it possible to define, configure and generate any type of document on that entity.

Loan improvements implemented during the sprints of release 23 will be available from release 24.


Deposit Accounts

Vilja Deposit – Power and control your cash inflow

• Superior customer experience: Modern “My Pages” built for self-service and automation
• User friendly and extensive back-office: Designed for easy product management, smooth servicing and rich compliance functionality
• Complete end-to-end solution with modular approach: Cover the full customer life cycle, KYC & servicing, both at onboarding and recurring