A very different year

2020 has in so many ways been a very different and difficult year. For us, the year has also been unforgettable and offered many highlights.

This is the year we changed our name and branding – from LeanDev to Vilja, we clarified our strategy, and become a true cloud company.

Our Vilja family has grown significantly. We opened a new near-shore development center in Poland, already contributing enormously to our success. To further strengthen our customer-facing team, we welcomed many new fantastic employees to the Stockholm office.

New customers, like Froda and Promentor, are successfully onboarded, and we couldn’t be happier with the cooperation! Together with our amazing customer OPR-Finance, we have entered new markets and launched new products. We are also fortunate to work with great new partners like Roaring, Bogard, and Signicat.

Our product portfolio has developed considerably, especially in the areas of Mortgages and Line of Credit, and we have new features like unified MyPages and Vilja Analytics.

I am incredibly proud of the year and excited for 2021. I want to thank all our amazing customers, partners, and employees for making it possible and I wish everyone a relaxing and happy holiday!

Fredrik Ulvenholm, CEO, Vilja

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