Visma Finance

Visma Finance has chosen Vilja as their strategic partner.

Visma Finance is part of Visma, offering software and services that simplify, digitize and streamline business processes in the private and public sectors. Visma operates in the Nordic countries, Benelux, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. With more than 9,500 employees, 1,000,000 customer contracts and a turnover of EUR 1,199 million in 2018, Visma is one of the leading software companies in Europe. Read more about Visma Finance.

Together, Vilja and Visma Finance, launched a solution for invoice financing that is directly integrated into Visma’s ERP system. Visma Finance is a new venture, within the software group Visma, which operates in the field between FinTech, ERP system and the banking sector.

Enables real-time spot-invoicing
Improved Customer Experience
The market’s most modern and fully automated Onboarding and KYC processes

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