SevenDay Bank

How SevenDay Bank became a unique lender on the market.

SevenDay Bank is part of the BNP Paribas Group, that operates in  +30 countries 19,500 employees and approx 27 million customers. In the Nordic countries, BNP Paribas operates in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with 250 employees.

SevenDay Bank is the lender with the most modern lending platform on the Swedish market according to a recent market analysis.

We took on the challenge of building an entirely new loan system with all the components needed to manage unsecured loans. After six months the system was ready to be launched. The system has be developed continuously with several new breakthrough features:

  • Management of supplementary loan on existing loan accounts.
  • Integration with a large number of loan intermediaries.
  • Payment-free months and credit insurance integrated with external insurance companies.
  • A new module that handled deposits

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100 000+ active accounts
€850 M total lending
€630 M total deposit

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