Hoist Finance

Hoist Finance is Europe’s leading purchaser of non- performing consumer debts. Vilja Deposit Loans serves as a stable source of working capital for Hoist’s operations.

Hoist Finance AB (publ) is a pan-European financial group active within debt purchasing and receivables management. They specialize in the purchasing and management of non-performing and performing consumer receivables.

Vilja delivers its deposit platform with which Hoist Finance can offer consumers attractive savings services and thereby obtain a stable working capital for its operations. Vilja Deposit serves working capital in Sweden (SEK), Germany (Euro) and the UK (GBP) with aggregated reporting of multi-national operations to Swedish supervisory authorities

After a seamless replacement of Hoist’s earlier system, including all transaction data, Hoist where able to offer its customers three new deposit products in addition to its traditional Flex Saver. Read more about Hoist Finance.

100,000+ accounts
45 000+ unique customers
SEK 22 bn deposited
Two full-time employees in Customer center

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