Visma Finance

Visma Finance chose Vilja to build their new embedded spot-factoring solution.

The financial company Visma Finance selected Vilja to build their completely new spot-factoring solution “Betalt Direkt”.

Together, Vilja and Visma Finance, designed and built a cloud-native system to offer their customers real-time spot-factoring directly in the customers’ accounting software. Thanks to this embedded financial service, small businesses can quickly and easily improve their liquidity and avoid the risk of not being paid.

It only took six months from idea to go-live, and the collaboration resulted in the market’s most modern solution for onboarding and KYC for SME companies.

The foundation is built with Vilja’s cutting-edge cloud banking technology, and offers full automation, real-time capabilities and superior customer experience.

Visma Finance is a fast-growing and innovative player in financing with a focus on small businesses. The focus is to build the next generation of factoring and business loans, fully automated and digital. Visma Finance is part of the Visma Group, which is one of Europe’s largest IT companies with 700,000 small companies as customers and 10,000 employees.

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