MONU and Vilja built a game-changer for the deposit market.

The fintech company MONU selected Vilja to build their deposit platform, disrupting the Swedish deposit market, with plans to expand internationally.

MONU has successfully launched a completely new offering to the market, allowing banks to distribute their savings accounts products through leading distributors such as wealth managers, pension advisors and property managers. By integrating with the MONU platform, the distributors enable their customers to open and manage third-party deposit products directly from their websites or app.

The unique offering creates a win-win-win. The distributors strengthen their customer relationships, enrich their customer offering and offload surplus liquidity. The customers get an attractive return on their cash savings with minimal risk and the banks can lower their cost of funding and liquidity risk through an effective distribution network.

To realize this vision, MONU needed to build a platform from scratch using only cutting-edge technologies. MONU joined forces with fintech enabler Vilja to create the MONU platform. Everything had to be automated and in real-time, coupled with the highest security and compliance standards.

Together, Vilja and MONU defined the business processes and frameworks that would be needed, building a platform on a service-based Kubernetes architecture to enable scale and flexibility. The platform is built by a dedicated team of world-class developers in Vilja’s development center in Gdansk, Poland.

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