Kontek and Vilja create a truly cloud-native payroll platform.

Kontek, a fintech pioneer in payroll, early realized that payroll handling inevitably would move to the cloud. 

Kontek was growing rapidly through a successful venture in the payroll outsourcing business. To support this growth, Kontek started looking for a cloud-native payroll solution.

Vilja was selected to build the platform from scratch with the latest technology to secure Kontek’s future needs – a user-friendly solution with extensive functionality.

Vilja’s agile design approach ensures that the platform is built according to the customer’s needs. Every two weeks, the customer confirms a release and verifies that everything is correct. This collaborative approach dramatically improves customer insights and ensures that the end result is what the customer really wants.

The new cloud-native payroll platform enables Kontek to scale at a much higher pace, making Kontek stand out from its competition. Kontek has been nominated to the “SaaS Company of the Year 2021” by Breakit, and has recently also received the “Best Grade for Payroll Systems” award at Business With.

In 2021, Kontek was acquired by the global leading business software provider Visma, a contributing factor was their sophisticated payroll platform.

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